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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System


Here is a sampling of some of the dozens of video interviews and video shots I created for Please view. Video is an effective way to manage perception, create an audience and connect with like-minded enablers in social media. It is a way of furthering conversation beyond stale talking points and flat text only blogging formats.

Rose Fernandez, Parent, State of Wisconsin from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Rick Ogston, Founder, Carpe Diem from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Department of Education from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Julie Young, President & CEO, Florida Virtual School from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Dr. Martin Horejsi University of Montana — Missoula from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Dr. Tommy Bice from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.

Ron Packard Discusses the Future of Education: In Your Home from Douglas Crets on Vimeo.


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Social Media Impact

Here are some examples of how I grew the influence of the @edreformer Twitter handle, and some of the social media assistance we gave to a few important education technology and education reform forums in the United States.

Measurable and detailed, they show how a brand, a company, or an individual can use social media to enhance messaging and the importance of initiatives on the web.

Instantly recognizable in a number of social media landscapes

A 98.7 out of 100 influence score on Twitter Grader

A consistent increase in Twitter followers from inception

Consistent dialog, and impressive tweet rates since creation of the site

Information worth considering:

Read these if you would like to rationalize whether Twitter influence means anything in the grand scheme of media consumption.

Jeff Bullas describes what makes Twitter influence possible.

Jeff Caruso guides you through a list of Twitter tracking tools that you may consider for your own social media impact.

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Education Writing

The following links are to writing at, a blog designed to promote innovation and equity solutions for the American public education system.

Here is a sampling of interviews with leaders in education reform —

Marc Porter Magee, former COO of ConnCAN

Peter Cohen, CEO — U.S. Curriculum, Pearson

Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor, WDCPS and Founder of Students First

Josh Jarrett, Senior Program Officer, Gates Foundation

Andrew Broy, President, Illinois Network of Charter Schools

Madeleine Sackler, Director, The Lottery

Jim Shelton, Assistant Secretary for Innovation and Improvement, US Department of Education

Carlos Contreras, Education Policy Director, Intel Corporation

Julie Young, President and CEO, Florida Virtual School

Barbara Treacy, Director, Ed Tech Leaders Online

Douglas Levin, Director, SETDA

You can read more than 100 text and video  interviews I conducted with education reform leaders by visiting the Q&A category at edReformer.

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