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Adaptive Path Assists Twitter in Work Flow Design

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I don’t what much I can say about this revelation at Quora besides: I had no idea that Adaptive Path did this kind of work. Josh Elman describes in the Quora question, “What was the step that Twitter added to its new user flow that caused a >20% increase in conversion?”:

It wasn’t just that we added a step to the flow, it was that we re-thought the flow to provide a much better introduction to Twitter.  When we surveyed users who were new to Twitter (working with Adaptive Path on this research), we found out that many of them had signed up for Twitter because either there were famous people, brands, businesses, etc that they wanted to follow using Twitter for updates, or there were specific people they knew and wanted to follow.  The previous experience didn’t really help users discover either of those groups — either you’d do the address book lookup (which a lot of people do, but it’s still a minority) or you’d hopefully find someone recommended in the bucket of 20.  If you didn’t find the right people to follow and weren’t committed to doing additional work, you’d be stuck without an interesting experience and many users bolted and never came back saying “I don’t get Twitter”.

With the revamp of the flow, we focused on starting users with categories to browse some of the more popular users by interest (determined algorithmically) and added a final step to search users to find those couple of folks who you had heard were using Twitter before you joined.  This flow also improved the effectiveness of the address book lookup because people weren’t thinking it was just another social network since they had already seen many popular users they may have already heard of outside Twitter.

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2 Responses

  1. What kind of work did you think Adaptive Path did?

    • Douglas Crets says:

      Jesse, thanks for reading and looking into our blog. I was only familiar with work that Adaptive Path did in education, and as narrow-minded as I am, I thought that was where the meat and potatoes of the company lay. I thought the stuff you all did with assessment was the game-changing work that was going on in the edu field. Great to know there’s more of a footprint elsewhere. I have been schooled! 🙂

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