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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Jared Huke: Advertising Creative

Jared Huke, Advertising Creative

Your Reputation Creates the Way You Will Learn — A Social Media Project that Tests the Reputation Graph

Today’s interview is with Jared Huke, an advertising creative.

This is a social media project to track what people think about education and their careers. We have based this project on the idea that your reputation online will model your ability to learn and to teach others, as people turn increasingly to the online space for their information, social networking and education.

Credit goes to Jon Bischke who has really been the vanguard in reputation graph thinking. This series is dedicated to him.

Keep following us and spread this around by copying the link and putting it on your social pages and blogs. I am interviewing people as they come in. You can contact me through email and by leaving a comment on this blog. Enjoy the interview.

Douglas: Can you think of a single skill you learned in K12 that you use today in a way that has made you feel successful in business or in your career, in general? What is it and why has it helped?

Jared: Questioning correctly – dialectic method that I learned in government class
Douglas: What do you think will be a defining trend in education innovation in the next ten years?
Jared: Reduced funding and increased ‘religious’ education. This is not a good thing.
Douglas: What have you learned in your engagement in social media that has helped you in your current career?
Jared: That social media is a recruiter’s dream weapon. Candidates divulge all the personal information that they can – things that can’t be asked in an interview.
Douglas: Can you describe a transformative experience you have had that was brought on by engaging with others in the digital media space?
Jared: I think that by participating in various groups and maintaining connections in the digital media space, you become a part of cliques and connections that you wouldn’t normally. I correspond regularly with  some of my design heroes, who certainly wouldn’t pick up the phone and call me, or write me a penned letter.
Douglas: If you were to hire someone for a job in your current career today, what would you expect that person to know how to do immediately? Does the current education system from which you pull your talent offer this kind of training, or do you feel that it is training you have to offer your new hires?
Jared: I think that candidates who only rely on their education to prepare them for the job market are always lacking in drive and they don’t add polish to their skills. I feel that I was lucky in the timing of my college education – I was ready for it when it came. For k12… I went to one of the best schools in the state and the education was barely usable, honestly. I think if most schools are worse than the one I went to, education is in sad shape. I have to train most of the people I have had to hire. Not in their core competency but in the grey areas that are missing in between the big acronyms of  their abilities.

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