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Google Launching Social Network

The speculative among us are talking about Google’s new social networking project, rumored to be named Google Circles.  Well, not so fast. Techmeme is trending stories that show Google is not going to waste their time on such a venture any time soon. At least, they are not going to launch it at Google I/O in May.

From a The Next Web story:

While Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggested in September last year that a ‘social layer’ was coming to all the company’s products, it’s yet to materialise.

That said, many of its products have had social features added in recent months.Place reviews in Google Maps, personalised newsincreasingly social search results and experiments with Foursquare-like features are just some of the examples of late. Throw in the acquisition of socially focused apps developer Slide back in August 2010, and it’s clear that the company is planning a more social future.


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