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Zynga Gamers Prove Gaming is a Community

Image representing Zynga as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Zynga gamers donated over US$1 million in about 36 hours to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The organizational skills and the outreach to people other than those involved in the game puts a test to the idea that online gamers are narcissistic and consumed with things other than reality. TechCrunch reports on the effort.

From the TechCrunch story:

Zynga representatives said that the campaign was created in under 24 hours and is the largest charitable campaign in company history. It is also the first CityVille Zynga.orgcampaign.

While we applaud Zynga (and its gamers) for their collective magnanimous spirit, the fundraising efforts continue. Gamers can contribute by buying designated virtual goods like a sweet potato crop in CityVille, a Kobe cow in FrontierVille, radishes in FarmVille, and a royal flush for Zynga Poker — or can donate by using this direct link.

Those who wish to donate in the non-Ville game Words With Friends can use the Save the Children button inside the game. Players in all games within Facebook can also send funds using the Zbar, or the bar that sits on top of the screen. Facebook will also be donating its traditional 30% cut on the Facebook Credits used to contribute to the relief.



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