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Join the NYC Ed Tech Entrepreneurs Meetup

New York City Serenade

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

I’ve started a meetup group in New York City. Please join, if you want to meet other tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs / teachers who are interested in changing the way education is delivered in our new multi-modal multiple pathways world.

This group was started to create a meeting hub for education entrepreneurs and people who love them.

This group is for those of us who are using their backgrounds as educators, lifelong learners, and as tech enthusiasts to create companies that are reformulating what it means to educate and learn. It’s also for educators and the curious to come and talk about education reform and how we can all work together to shape a new kind of education system.
You should join the group if:

You are a teacher, tech enthusiast, social mediaphile, learning enthusiast, entrepreneur, or a disrupter of conventional education thinking

You want to try out and discuss new education apps for students, teachers, and others

You want to build your own education company

You are concerned about education in America and globally, and would like to see improvements

You are interested in seeing a worldwide education system take shape using existing social media technologies, online content platforms, and mobile devices

You are curious, interested in startups, eager to think outside of the box

Members can contribute content to a blog or group of blogs set up to highlight education startups, education apps, and education entrepreneurs



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