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Simon Shaw: Conversation with Former Becta Executive

A very quick conversation today with Simon Shaw, who used to head institutional management at Becta, which was the institution in the UK that was driving effective use of technology in education. Alas, it is no more.

He said something interesting on Twitter today, and I had to ask him for more. Here are the screenshots.

Fascinating comment by Simon Shaw. His mother got into computer programing when she figured out that there was a very strong parallel between that work and something she was already quite interested in doing.


Adult learners can enjoy the web and computer programming

So, I just had to ask him one other question. What new innovation on the web makes it possible for adult learners to learn quickly?

Here is his answer, and it’s very similar to what many have been saying about social learning on the web. Shaw says that it is Google supporting the idea of self-organized learning. For many people it’s one of the most important developments in web-based learning. The top-down dissemination of knowledge to be consumed and repeated back to teachers is giving way to the ability of students to organize their own learning.

Self-organized learning is the wave of the future

We will be having more conversations like this every day.




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