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Breanne Hull: CEO & Founder, Educlone

Educlone has not launched yet, but Breanne Hull is relentlessly working the phones and talking to teachers. She runs Educlone, which promises to be an online video sharing tool for teachers and their drive to share and create curriculum.

Here is an interview that I did with her a couple of weeks back. Travel and family obligations kept me from publishing this, but it’s worth a good read.  Her description of her company is very interesting, and it comes with some pointed comments about vendors and the role they play in a teacher’s professional life. It comes at the end, so read through.

Douglas Crets: Can you think of a single skill you learned in K12 that you use today in a way that has made you feel successful in business or in your career, in general? What is it and why has it helped?

Breanne Hull: I think less about technical skills and more about social skills, and learning skills. One of the most important things I learned in K12 was to value the ideas of others, but also to listen to the little voice inside me that tells me where to go. That’s very important as an entrepreneur. If I feel lost when I am trying to reach a goal, I can listen to collaborative voices.

I also learned through trial and error that sometimes — when all the voices are speaking very loudly — I should listen to my own ideas. That’s something that I use every day and in every facet of my life.

Douglas:  What do you think will be a defining trend in education innovation in the next ten years?

Breanne: I think we are going to see a rise in demand for technological tools that enable teachers to make the best use of their time and their own abilities, instead of technologies that replace them. Students need teachers, and they need mentors, and they need face to face contact with caring adults.

Douglas: What have you learned in your engagement in social media that has helped you in your current career?

Breanne: [pause] I am honestly taking the time to think of any skill that doesn’t involve social media. I love how connected it makes everyone. Like any tool, what you put into social media, you get out of it. This type of medium really plays into the natural human tendency to work together. I use social media to reach out for help, and I like how eager other people are to really share their ideas and recommendations with others. I am using social media for informal focus groups and free marketing and it’s great.

Douglas: If you were to hire someone for a job in your current career today, what would you expect that person to know how to do immediately? Does the current education system from which you pull your talent offer this kind of training, or do you feel that it is training you have to offer your new hires?

Breanne: If I was hiring someone coming in straight out of the university I would expect them to have good networking skills both in person and in social media. In my experience, I attended UT, these skills were pretty seamlessly included in each class that I took.

Douglas: What is Educlone and what will it do?

Breanne: It’s an e-learning tool that allows educators to make their own video-based online lessons using their own content. We just focus on that one tool. It’s simple to use, and the user interface uses a lot of clickable and draggable boxes.  It includes student performance reporting that goes immediately to the instructor. It’s very one-on-one tutoring that a teacher can create.

My experience [as a teacher] was that I would create a lesson plan the night before, and every district has its specific standards — a lot of group activity, hands-on stuff. You wake up and teach it seven or eight times, then go to an after school meeting, after teaching 200 students. Then, you are told by administrators that you are going to teach more individually to students.

And you’re like, “I would like to be with them now… But I’m IN a meeting…

And [the administrator goes on] to help you we have spent all this money on new technology and you will have to go to training. Education software companies are disconnected with what is going on on the ground in public education. They are trying to dot every I and cross every T.

The objectives students are supposed to master are different from state to state. Teachers have to pull bits from that software that matter to them, to reach their objective and it’s a very inefficient way of working.

Educlone seeks to change this.

Readers can learn more about educlone at



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