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Fraud Alert: Chinese #MSFT Exec Lies About Education

Edit: I have changed the former title of this posting because it turns out there is a company called All In Education, and this writing has nothing to do with them. I am proactively trying to take this story off the Google list as the top story on All In Education in order that they get more prominence. Apologies in advance if anyone there had been trying to reach me and could not.

Former Microsoft China Prez Admits Diploma Buying

The pressure to be on top is big in China, where many graduates of prestigious universities in China — there are really only two or three — must vie for the attention of other luckier graduates from prestigious universities in the states and Europe. If you are already well along in years, then the next best thing you can do to stay ahead of your job market competitors is to have a PhD rather than just an applied sciences degree.

What better way to get ahead, then, but to buy you way to success!

Here’s an under-reported story in the states. Former Microsoft China President Tang Jun has admitted to buying his PhD diploma from a diploma mill. There’s huge pressure to do this for people in China. I’m not going to pretend I know all the ins and outs of this issue, but certainly Tang Jun is not the first, and he won’t be the last.

Former Microsoft China Prez Admits Diploma Buying

ChinaSmack was on the story a few months ago, and they break the newest development in the news today.

In 2010 July, science writer Fang Zhouzi accused Xin Hua Du Industrial Group CEO Tang Jun of academic fraud. 10 months after “Diploma Gate”, yesterday, the media reported that Tang Jun disclosed that he spent over 3000 USD to get his Pacific Western University doctorate degree. With regards to this, Fang Zhouzi expressed on his microblog, “Tang Jun is once again telling stories.”


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