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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

The Future of #Socialcommerce is Mobile

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I went to my first class at General Assembly, which is really close to the Union Square Ventures offices north of Union Square.

The class was about community management metrics and how to measure them. There was a little bit in there about how to convince the higher-ups that your analytics adn your metrics are really results of your work. But there was an elephant in the room.

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#Socialweek to Launch in NYC October 16

Social Week, 7 days of events dedicated to exploring social media’s evolving power in business, branding, commerce and culture, will take place for the first time October 16-22, 2011 in New York City, Social Week will be the one place and one time where companies, thought leaders, influential press and investors can all get the greatest amount of the most important work done: a nexus for influence, relationship building, information exchange and outreach.

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Is Amazon Working on a Social Deals Phase in China?

I don’t have much information on this, but a friend sent an email around to his network based in Asia. In the email, he talks about Amazon hiring many, many people, and how they are hiring so much that on a weekly basis they are having onboarding seminars with new hires in rooms so packed, they have to split up the groups.

They are also apparently building a new structure / business that will require the help of technically minded people in China who have a gearing toward working with APIs at some of China’s biggest social networking sites.
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Games For Change Vs. Games Are Change

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As it relates to STEM work being done in the core curriculum, video games may prove a facilitator to learning for anyone put off by the tradiational ways math and science are taught. I heard it several times over the course of this week’s Games 4 Change conference, but Adrian Sanders, the modern polymath,” as he calls himself, writes about the issue clearly at his blog, Kill Screen.

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