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Mastery Connect Makes Common Core Easier for Teachers and Parents

Teachers may soon see a rush of new apps for the iPad and iPhone that will parse all the difficult language and standards of the Common Core appendices and provide it for them in an easy to use format.

And the popular Khan Academy videos, which are not linked to any standards at the moment, are being linked to standards through deliberations and conversations currently with Mastery Connect, according to Mick Hewitt, a team member at the company.

Hot on the heels of the 1,400 downloads for its Common Core concepts apps released over Memorial Day weekend, Mastery Connect is launching an app update at the iTunes platform that will make all of this easier for teachers and parents, says Mick Hewitt. I’ve asked Mr. Hewitt to list some of the compelling cases for this new app here.

Here is what he had to say.


We are working to integrate Khan Academy videos for standards.  Right now Khan is not linked to standards, so we’re in the process of doing a mapping of the ones that match.  But the cool thing there is that parents and teachers, if they don’t have that off the top of their heads, can see a video reference to the concept.

The most important thing right now is that we are trying to get the standards in the hands of the population and  bridge the gap between teachers and parents so we can start communicating around the standards that work will take some considerable effort. Not only are the Common Core standards dense and hard to get through, there are many more communities to work with besides teachers and students.

Hewitt says the company is focusing on embedding evaluation for parents into the system, and that should be along in the next update, which was due out yesterday.

Launched over Memorial Day Weekend, the app has achieved over 1,400 downloads photo courtesy: MasteryConnect











We believe the Mastery Movement is beginning.  Joel Klein at NSVF said, “We need to break through the ‘membrane’ to mastery.”Mastery Movement means going from talking about Johnny getting a C in Math on his report card, to talking about the standards, and as DuFour says, “knowing what our students know relative to the standards”. Parents and teachers can now carry the standards kids are learning in class in their pockets. One of the biggest problems that has been in education is accessibility to the standards for teachers

They are usually buried on some state website.


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3 Responses

  1. Jay Collier says:


    You might also want to change the screen shot to alignment: None (rather than left) so the interview isn’t squashed to the narrow space at the right of the screenshot.

    Great blog.

  2. Mick Hewitt says:

    Doug –

    Thanks for the great blog post. Would just like to clarify a couple of things. The statement “dense and hard to get through” I think might be taken out of context. We are HUGE fans of the Common Core Standards, and they are very easy to read and understand and the core of our product is based on the idea that a standard will enable the sharing of teacher-created formative assessments. What is difficult is for parents to get to the corestandards website and really parse through things like the College and Career Readiness standards as well as look through all 148 pages of appendix A to understand what the traditional and integrated pathways are. What we’ve done with the Common Core app is make this very easy for parents to find the grade their student is in or the class that they are taking and see the standards quickly and easily. The Common Core Standards themselves are fantastic and not dense or hard to parse. The consortium did a fantastic job in solving what teachers used to do in “scaffolding” complex state standards, and broke things down into the most “atomic” concepts possible. We greatly applaud the consortium and are committed to provide tools in education that focus on communicating that message and making it easy for everyone to know and understand the standards. Would love to have this clarification integrated into the post.

    Mick Hewitt, MasteryConnect

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