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#Socialweek to Launch in NYC October 16

Social Week, 7 days of events dedicated to exploring social media’s evolving power in business, branding, commerce and culture, will take place for the first time October 16-22, 2011 in New York City, Social Week will be the one place and one time where companies, thought leaders, influential press and investors can all get the greatest amount of the most important work done: a nexus for influence, relationship building, information exchange and outreach.

The week will encompass conferences, summits, announcements, demonstrations, parties and networking events from across the Social spectrum. Event organizers, The Tomorrow Project, are dedicated to the week will become an essential hub of activity for the Social industry, similar to New York’s Fashion Week for the fashion industry.

“Social Week is a clear testimonial that the Social Web is changing the world — its impact is already making serious waves throughout business and media, as consumers change their habits from searching for what they want, and instead finding it in the stream of their friends’ communications,” said Mike Edelhart, Chief Revenue Officer of the Tomorrow Project, producers of Social Week ” As it does, companies will undergo a series of pirouettes and perturbations as they pivot to a new reality. Social Week is focused on bringing businesses and professionals together so they can acquire the tools needed to understand and lead this shifting world.”

The Pivot Conference has announced its participation in Social Week, taking two full days October 17-18. Pivot is the only conference focused purely on how major brands, agencies, marketers and content creators can succeed by understanding, accessing and influencing the emerging Social Consumer. Hosted by Brian Solis, author of “Engage!”, principal at Altimeter Group and a globally recognized thought leader in social media, Pivot helps brand marketers and their agencies bridge the gap between the buying and influencing behavior of Social Consumers, and traditional modes of media success. 2011 speakers include Jay Samit of SocialVibe, Elisa Cohort Page of BlogHer, John D. Hayes of American Express, Stephanie Tilenius of Google, Jeffrey Hayzlett of The Hayzlett Group, Gayle Weiswasser of Discovery, and Kip Levin of Live Nation Entertainment.

Douglas Rushkoff has also added his Contact conference to the Social Week roster on October 20. An event unlike any other, Contact seeks to understand the greater promise of social media to promote new forms of culture, commerce, collective action and creativity.  Featured participants include Dennis Crowley, founder of FourSquare, Scott Heiferman, founder of, Daniella Jaeger of Kickstarter and Dave Winer, developer of RSS protocols and podcasting.

Other events aligning themselves with Social Week 2011 include:

  • Hayzlett Group Opening Cocktail Party, a Social Week launch party for CMOs and industry influencers.
  • Hayzlett Group CMO Lunch, which brings together prominent thought leaders, CMOs, agencies and others for a keynote by author of the best seller “The Mirror Test”, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and a panel.
  • TheMIX agency Think.Out.Loud Dinner, an invite-only, roundtable discussion featuring leading digital media, branding and technology executives.
  • Mashery’s Business of API conference, the only event focused purely on how APIs drive business success.
  • A Social Panel hosted by the Direct Marketing Association
  •, a company built by the former creative team behind American Idol, will, the launch a Social Rock Start competition focused on one of today’s most pressing topics, the education of 21st Century youth.
  • Standard Talks with PAPER Magazine, an exclusive social media summit that will feature PAPER Magazine’s Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief, David Herskhovits as he interviews people engrossed in Fashion and the Arts.
  • The BlogHer Business Conference, which is an annual “crash course” on best practices for reaching the most influential and powerful consumers – women online – in the quickly evolving social media world.
  • Betaworks will hold Social Reality 2011, an invitation-only one-day event on Tuesday October 18th. In addition to Betaworks, SocialFlow, bitly and Chartbeat, all Betaworks portfolio companies, will sponsor the event.
  • NY Technolory Managers’ Forum: “Emerging Trends in Enterprise Security,” a one-day event on how smart phones, social networking and cloud computing solutions are going mainstream inside large organizations, setting the stage for a generational shift in enterprise IT.


According to Brian Solis, host of Pivot, “Other events grew from the grass-roots efforts of the true believers, and we owe them a debt of gratitude. But Social Week moves the topic from the early adopters to mainstream business leaders.”


“The Social Web exponentially extends the innate human need to be social,” said William Lohse, Founder of the Tomorrow Projected. “Instead of a local circle of 30 friends, social media lets people enjoy all the aspects of a ‘friend experience’ — sharing, expression, and trust — across populations that will never physically meet. It’s the next revolution in a long string of advancements which have turned our world upside down, and then sideways every which way, from the rise of the microcomputer, to packaged software, desktop publishing, TCP/IP, and the Web.”


“As New York City’s marketing and tourism organization, we rely heavily on social media platforms as tools to communicate with locals and visitors from all over the world,” said NYC Commissioner & CEO George Fertitta. “Events like Social Week in NYC testify that our city serves as an inspirational hub for cutting edge audiences and entrepreneurs, and reinforces the notion we are home base for efforts leading the charge online. New York City is proud to host this forward-thinking symposium which will help ensure we become synonymous with the social media frontier.”

To join the conversation on Twitter, use hashtag #socialweek, or follow us at @SocialWeek.


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