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Can Flipboard Sustain “Economics of Print” on the iPad?

The most disruptive company on earth has to be Apple. They have unsettled most of the entrenched publishing industries — music, print, software — ever since the invention of their devices. They are doing it again with the iPad, and this time the threat seems to be to the newspaper industries advertising practices.

About six minutes into this interview with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, TechCrunch columnist Alexis Tsotsis asks him a very good question about the cost of a print ad versus a banner ad.

McCue answers honestly that print ads are typically about 10-15x more than a banner ad and that he hopes to sustain that going forward.

Tsotsis: So, how much does a print ad or a faux print ad cost, versus a banner ad?

McCue: Well, what you’ll find is that print ads will typically go for about ten to fifteen times more than what a banner ad would go for, in terms of price. And that’s held true pretty much for quite some time now. What we’re hoping is that we can continue to capture the economics of print and bring that to the iPad through this Flipboard pages program.

My question: “Is this realistic?” It smells slightly similar to music labels and publishers wishing that they could still get the same kind of economics for CDs, which is impossible now that we have music in the cloud and the iTunes store.

Watch the moment below.

For some reason I cannot embed the video, so you can watch the video here.


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