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Hong Kong’s “Blush” Hit Big with So You Think You Can Dance

I love reporting about obscure girl bands from Asia, because nobody else will do it!

Therefore… Blush, a little known Hong Kong girl band that burst out of nowhere and has pretty much not been heard of since, is now rehearsing for an appearance on So You Think You Can Dance, the popular dance contest show that just secured eight Emmy nominations last week.  One of the band’s members Victoria Chan, reports this on her Facebook page today.

Blush will be dancing on So You Think You Can Dance

Prior to this, Blush did open for Justin Bieber in Hong Kong, and they played during the Hong Kong Seven’s Tournament. You may not hear much about them now, but I think they are about to get a little bigger.

I’ve never seen them perform. Here’s a video of them. II think they may be using the appearance on So You Think You Can Dance to get better at choreography. I apologize for showing you this.


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