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Union Square Ventures Goes In With Spark to Fund #Skillshare

According to this post on Fred Wilson’s blog today, Union Square Ventures is investing alongside Spark Capital in the education startup Skillshare, a learning platform founded by Mike Karnjanaprokorn. Wilson did not disclose any details of the deal, but said that he will be using Skillshare to teach his MBA Mondays classes to participants in the anyone can teach anything platform.

His partner Albert Wegner explained some of the rationale behind the investment in Skillshare, but did not disclose any other details:

As a result, it will be possible to learn almost anything from materials found online. But there is a big missing link and that is motivation. It is the desire to want to learn something in the first place. Instilling that desire is still best accomplished in person by a teacher who is passionate about his or her subject.

Here too the Internet provides a unique new opportunity. In addition to teachers at schools and universities there are many more people who are knowledgeable and passionate about a wide variety of subjects. This is where Skillshare comes in. Skillshare is “a community marketplace for offline classes” and the company’s motto is “learn anything from anyone.” Skillshare lets everyone who is passionate set up a class and find students.



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