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Michael Dortch Is a Good Man, So Take His Surveys

If you take his surveys, and you are one of the people who offer the most respondents (the person whose network has the most clicks on the survey), he will make a donation to a charity.

Here is the email he sent around this morning:

I’m launching some research that I think will be highly interesting and valuable to a broad audience, and I need your help. I’m hoping this e-mail will convince you to help me, so please read on!

I am conducting research focused on what I’m calling online experience optimization (OEO) – everything necessary to deliver the best possible online experience to colleagues, customers, partners and prospects.

OEO touches every aspect of every type and size of company that does business online or plans to do so. Business stakeholders include advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, internal and external support teams and business performance decision makers, among others. Technologies involved range from Web site construction and management tools to content management systems, analytics tools and support for “the mobile, social cloud.”

I intend to produce multiple deliverables based on the results of this OEO research. Some will be published by Constellation Research, where I’m a Vice President and Principal Analyst. Some will be published at, a site that provides expert and user-generated advice, comparisons and reviews focused on technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). And some will find its way into analyses and blog posts at, and, of course,

So how can you help? To begin, I’ve prepared two brief surveys I’ve posted on SurveyMonkey. I’d appreciate it if you’d take them both, and then tell everyone you know about them. (Respondents can remain anonymous, but if they provide a name and a valid e-mail address, I’ll notify them personally as summary results become available, and enter them in a drawing for a free business or technology consultation with me!)

The first survey asks four basic questions business decision makers need to be able to answer to achieve OEO. The link to that survey: .

The other asks respondents which company do they think offers the best overall online experience, and how their own companies compare to that company. The link to that survey: .

As further inducement to you, I’ll make a donation to the favorite charity of the person or company who provides the most referred respondents to each or both. (Make sure your referrals tell me who referred them in the last question!)

I think OEO is going to be a “next big thing” in business and business technologies, and I’d greatly appreciate your help with my research, as well as any ideas, questions, connections or suggestions you’d care to share. Thanks so much for your time and your help!

Michael Dortch


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