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DCM Announces the First Eight Android-Only Investments in Portfolio

Android robot logo.

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Today DCM announced the first investments made in its A-Fund, an Android-only investment portfolio that is, I believe, the first one of its kind.

And the mix is a global bag, with a particular focus on the Asia market.  Here are the companies:

 PapayaMobile, the leading Android mobile social gaming network with over 30 million users in China and the U.S.

Appia, creators of a white-label mobile app store platform currently processing over 1 million downloads per day for operators, handset manufacturers, and other partners

Billing Revolution, a mobile payments company that enables secure payment transactions through their PCI-compliant Single-Click Checkout platform

Happy Elements, a social game developer with 2.5 million active daily users on Facebook’s non-English market, as well as users on Mixi in Japan and Kaixin001 in China

Kanbox, a leading Chinese cloud storage and sharing service provider

Loki Studios, which makes location and environment-aware smartphone games like their flagship monster battle game, Geomon, which stars a freaking unicorn with a rainbow mane! FTW!

Kakao Corp., developer of KakaoTalk, a cross-platform mobile messaging application with over 25 million users worldwide.


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