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Groupon is a Cyborg, Now Watch the Groupon IPO Roadshow Video

The most  amazing thing about the Groupon IPO Roadshow Video is that Andrew Mason, CEO and Founder, refers to Groupon as a Cyborg.


Groupon is a hybrid of human and technology

One of the reasons Mason believes this is because in order for his company to provide up to nine months of backlogs of potential deals is that the “Deal Factory” putting all of the deals together has to do sometimes ten different levels of preparation and fact-checking. If they don’t, “something can go horrifically wrong and erode the business base,” says Mason.

The company also employs over 400 people just to write exciting content.

Three of the top executives are from Amazon. One is from Google, and another is from

Another selling point that I thought was a pretty good indicator of future direction: online allows you to achieve the massive density that you need to make local commerce attractive. Groupon built the technology that allows them to extract the data that makes the proposition even more lucrative over time. The more data they can extract, the moer deals they can launch, and the more they can market to consumers who might want that opportunity. Scaleable over time.

They are able to determine how consumers operate, think and behave down to the granularity of Manhattan versus other people in Brooklyn or Queens. According to Jeff Holden, SVP or Product Development (formerly at Amazon), they are able to tell you if a person is at X destination they are likely to go next to destination Y.  And they obviously can tell you what they are likely t0 purchase.

Go ahead and watch the video. It’s Mason’s chance to start talking after those few months when everyone was slamming his company and calling it a ponzi scheme.


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