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Kno Turns Any Textbook Diagram into a Quiz

For some reason I can not embed any TechCrunch videos on WordPress, but here is a link to a quick video that shows edtech startup Kno and two of its new offerings for education.



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Can Flipboard Sustain “Economics of Print” on the iPad?

The most disruptive company on earth has to be Apple. They have unsettled most of the entrenched publishing industries — music, print, software — ever since the invention of their devices. They are doing it again with the iPad, and this time the threat seems to be to the newspaper industries advertising practices.

About six minutes into this interview with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue, TechCrunch columnist Alexis Tsotsis asks him a very good question about the cost of a print ad versus a banner ad.

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Mastery Connect Makes Common Core Easier for Teachers and Parents

Teachers may soon see a rush of new apps for the iPad and iPhone that will parse all the difficult language and standards of the Common Core appendices and provide it for them in an easy to use format.

And the popular Khan Academy videos, which are not linked to any standards at the moment, are being linked to standards through deliberations and conversations currently with Mastery Connect, according to Mick Hewitt, a team member at the company.

Hot on the heels of the 1,400 downloads for its Common Core concepts apps released over Memorial Day weekend, Mastery Connect is launching an app update at the iTunes platform that will make all of this easier for teachers and parents, says Mick Hewitt. I’ve asked Mr. Hewitt to list some of the compelling cases for this new app here.

Here is what he had to say.

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“To Be Heard” To Be in Seattle June 11

A film that is part of a project I am working on in New York City is going to be shown at the Seattle Film Festival in June.  Be sure to check out the trailer for the film.

It will make you think differently about school reform.

To Be Heard: Trailer from Edwin Martinez on Vimeo.

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