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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Douglas Crets Bio

Douglas Crets has spent most of his career as a journalist and a digital media analyst in Hong Kong, China and in India and South Korea. Douglas was responsible for leading small research teams on missions to investigate digital and traditional media development in China and in 19 other countries in Asia. He speaks and reads some Mandarin Chinese and Russian. Prior to writing at Read Write Web, Douglas taught Philosophy and Literature in a day school in Virginia. He has also been a TV reporter for a local Hong Kong news station, a wire services reporter at Dow Jones in New Delhi, India, and the founding community manager of, the nation’s first attempt to be a catalyst web site for education technology entrepreneurs and education reform. Douglas has worked as the community manager and the social media strategist for Fidelis College, Re-Wired Group, Harvard’s Education Next Foundation, and Ed Elements. Douglas lives in the East Village in New York City, but occasionally does his investigative entrepreneurial writing on the road as he travels around Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

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March 2017
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