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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Community Manager and Social Media Strategist Resume — Douglas Crets

Douglas Crets – Community Manager and Social Media Strategist Resume and Writing 

Douglas Crets Real-Time Community Management on Twitter.

Community Manager for NYC Ed Tech Entrepreneurs Meetup Group

Read this for information about all the platforms I manage: Douglas Crets Community Manager social engagement

I have helped and currently consult with several clients – Nimble Social CRM, Fidelis College, Harvard University’s Education Next and The ReWired Group.

What Jobs I Can Do For You

Help You Create New Strategies to Communicate to Your Growing Audience

Find the Essence of What Your Consumers Believe through Conversation Marketing and Community Organizing and Convert that Research and Knowledge into Conversions

Strategize Your Social Media Presence so that Your Employees Can Engage Your Consumers with Proper Messaging and Community Listening Techniques

With Many of My Clients We Spend Only a Few Minutes Together a Week to Master Social Media Adoption and Content Execution. Here’s how:

We use screen casting and screen sharing to guide you through all of the social media tools you will need to manage a brand online and connect to your international and highly social audience. We show you rather than tell you how to do something. Using special screen capture and movie making techniques, we put together short videos that explain the benefits, opportunities, and strategies for using social media tools, and at the same time show you how they work.

We offer tutorials and training on how to create social and community-focused content for your brand and your audience

We create blog posts and newsletters that we can send to your database of employees, clients and consumers, to educate and inform them about the events, news stories, and interviews that have an impact on your brand.

Community Manager — Re-Wired Group

New York, New York   February 2011 — Present

Publicist — To Be Heard (a movie about education reform)

New York, New York  February 2011– Present

Facebook Page Manager and Social Media Advocate — Brian Tolle, Shortcut: Getting Through to People Who Slow You Down


February 2011 — Present

Community Manager –      

NY, NY April 2010-Dec. 2010

  • Managed social media engagement strategy that allowed national political and corporate leaders to influence shift to digital learning through a grassroots advocacy platform
  • Managed content calendar and content creation and editing for network of blogs and social accounts across multiple platforms
  • Created internal communication processes that connected stakeholders, delivered strategies leading to community empowerment, and managed change
  • Boosted significantly the number of followers, contributors, partners and advocates of the brand and the movement, and managed the day-to-day engagement with brand ambassadors, tracking value
  • Boosted traffic at digital platform from 2,000 visits a year to 245,000 visits a year in 10 months

Vice President — Vander Ark / Ratcliff              NY, NY Feb. 2010 – Dec. 2010

  • Managed several live events as the exclusive new media provider for ed tech and ed reform associations
  • Developed internal research and analytics system to measure impact and content engagement
  • Created catalog of partner sites, influence monitoring system and system of social engagement
  • Edited and managed a network of over a dozen volunteer bloggers — teachers, entrepreneurs, advocates

Community Manager — IIR      NY, NY 2008 – 2010

  • Created global network of decision-makers to create influence events for industries
  • Managed marketing, sales, content, research and live teams to create collaborative C-suite engagements and sharing online and offline

Senior Associate & Editor – Media Partners Asia       Hong Kong 2006 – 2007

Asia’s leading independent media consultancy, industry publisher and research firm

  • Met with senior executives in media firms in Asia to audit financial health and growth trends
  • Managed B-2-B publishing strategy that utilized information taken from expert networks in several media verticals to create and edit content for sales of content to C-suite executives
  • Managed digital platform and created and edited annual, quarterly, monthly and daily digital content

The University of Hong Kong – Masters in Journalism (Curbside at WTO)

Syracuse University – Masters in Fine Art, Creative Writing

Wake Forest University – BA in English Literature

Languages and Skills:

Chinese, Russian, Spanish

SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Community Management; Social Network Management

Listening; Engagement; Google Analytics, Radian6 Dashboard; Link Networking; Blogging; Copyediting

Research & Reporting; Content Marketing; Journalism; Investigations; Conversation Management; Public Relations; Google+; Tumblr blogging

Photography; Curation; Tracking

LinkedIn Group Management – reaching over 12,000 followers and loyal listeners

Blog Network and Face-to-Face Networking:

Over 200 teacher and education blogs updated daily or semi-daily, comment interaction, no link-baiting

Over 2500 Twitter users, hourly engagement in realtime, plus over three dozen Twitter hashtags utilized for education and edtech conversation

Consumer views, to be ready to assist your company in the event of a customer relations or public relations event

Meetups with over 3000 viable interested parties and instant contact with real brands like AOL, Huffpost, Dell, Union Square Ventures, and hundreds more – tech; film screenings; community engagement; social good; open Internet; Internweek; social media management; classes at General Assembly


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  2. TNS Digital confirms this trend, demonstrating that not so several Social Networks users are open to brands.

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