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Samsung Focus Review: My iPhone Love Wasn’t Love

The Start screen of Windows Phone 7

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Warning: While this review was written with the intent to be a review about the Samsung Focus smartphone, it also ends up being a little bit about the Mango OS, and the behavior it induces, as well as the meaning it creates.  I come from a school of thought that design teaches as it improves the user and the user’s expectation. It may also go so far, in really great mobile device and mobile software design, to eliminate the need for expectations by reducing difficulty and ensuring compatibility between user and phone.

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Magical Thinking Did Not Work for Steve Jobs

By the time that Steve Jobs got around to treating the rare form of pancreatic cancer that had been eating away at him, nine months had passed, and the tissue around the pancreas had started to become affected by the aggressively moving cancer. Walter Isaacson tells 60 Minutes that Jobs waited so long because 1. he didn’t want his body to be cut open, and 2. he believed that magical thinking would end the cancer.

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Steve Jobs Leaves Legacy: Finding Out What Consumers Are Trying to Do

Steve Jobs while presenting the iPad in San Fr...

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One of the great things about the Steve Jobs legacy is that it’s not really the technological devices he helped Apple create.

Jobs’ tremendous legacy is about how he was able to find out what consumers were trying to do, and then offering them devices on which they can perform those tasks.  It’s a subtlety that is often missed in tributes to him.

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