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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Tom Vander Ark’s Blended Learning Glide Path

Educators and education consultants must have a few questions after a New York Times article about charter school projects that Tom Vander Ark sought to set up in 2010.

The article points out that Vander Ark spent $1.5million on “lawyers and consultants” but failed to open three blended learning schools in Brooklyn and Newark, New Jersey.  Vander Ark pinned the flop on the bad economy and other factors, but claimed that his staff members and colleagues were making “ridiculous” claims that there was no “there” there.

After the jump, a couple of quotations and a link to the article.

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John Watson, Founder, Evergreen Education Group

A day before the iNACOL Competency-Based Learning Summit in Denver, Colorado, Douglas interviews John Watson, Founder, Evergreen Education Group on what a summit like this means for offering students and parents better choices for education. We talk about funding student-centric learning programs and digital learning methods. John also discusses the viability of digital and online learning, operational pathways to implementation and the process undertaken to move from a seat-time learning system to one that puts every student on a path to their own success.

This interview and more to come will focus on the March 3-4 Competency-Based Learning Summit hosted by iNACOL. When information about their twitter hashtags comes online, I will post here with updates. Interview after the jump.

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