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Comment Ranking System Will Play Crucial Role in Web-Based Curriculum

Fred Wilson

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I am pretty sure that deploying a comment ranking system in blogs will have some strong function in a web-based learning world. I made a comment about it at Fred Wilson’s blog, and I think that it represents a piece of the puzzle that will enable blogs to carry some legitimacy.

Disqus is testing out a feature on certain blogs. They may not be visualizing the education web-based curriculum, but I could not help my self from postulation.

The idea is that if you are working in a learning system that uses the social web to link people, you will need comments or badges to link people to their credibility and reputatino in the group. Right now, education is mostly about grades and diplomas, and standardized test performance.

When it moves towards a realtime application of skills to problems that need solutions, blogs will form a fundamental core to linking experts to students, and then student-expert teams that run communities. To get into a community you apply, just as you would to get into college, and the comment ranking and reputation score will indicate your likelihood of acceptance.

I’ve always said that your reputation will be the most important feature of your web presence. You may be the smartest dog in the pack, but if you are always biting others on the tail and trying to keep that bone to yourself, you’re out. Keep that in mind; it will be fundamental in the next few years.

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Breanne Hull: CEO & Founder, Educlone

Educlone has not launched yet, but Breanne Hull is relentlessly working the phones and talking to teachers. She runs Educlone, which promises to be an online video sharing tool for teachers and their drive to share and create curriculum.

Here is an interview that I did with her a couple of weeks back. Travel and family obligations kept me from publishing this, but it’s worth a good read.  Her description of her company is very interesting, and it comes with some pointed comments about vendors and the role they play in a teacher’s professional life. It comes at the end, so read through.

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John Watson, Founder, Evergreen Education Group

A day before the iNACOL Competency-Based Learning Summit in Denver, Colorado, Douglas interviews John Watson, Founder, Evergreen Education Group on what a summit like this means for offering students and parents better choices for education. We talk about funding student-centric learning programs and digital learning methods. John also discusses the viability of digital and online learning, operational pathways to implementation and the process undertaken to move from a seat-time learning system to one that puts every student on a path to their own success.

This interview and more to come will focus on the March 3-4 Competency-Based Learning Summit hosted by iNACOL. When information about their twitter hashtags comes online, I will post here with updates. Interview after the jump.

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