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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Teacher-Directed Ed Reform Flick Attempts Oscar Nominee Bid

Here’s a little press release we sent around today.

Teacher-Directed Doc Confronts Literacy Crisis Head-On

Film Has Won Six Recent Awards, Tracks Three Bronx Teens Escaping Poverty through Poetry

See “To Be Heard” at AFI Silverdocs in Silver Spring, Maryland June 24-25, 2011

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Michael Horn: What Policies Hinder Innovation in K12?

Michael Horn of the Innosight Institute is asking people with experience in public education to write to him and provide examples of policies that hinder education’s innovation. He wants to help the Department of Education, which has ramped up efforts recently to bring a more iterative process to education improvements.

He has a post on his blog today that points out that one of the biggest hurdles today is the seat time-based Carnegie system.

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RiShawn Biddle: Dropout Nation Part One

I have a close connection to RiShawn Biddle, who runs the fabulous Dropout Nation podcast over at his blog. I asked him the other day if he could talk about parent advocacy groups and what they could mean for grassroots efforts to reform urban education. I sent him some questions. He happily obliged them. He wrote back so much that we are going to split this up in three parts. Here are today’s answers. Enjoy

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Winning “Something” in Education Reform

Image representing New Schools Venture Fund as...

Image via CrunchBase

Ben Riley at New Schools Venture Fund has a blog post up about the future of education reform. He’s tracking President Barack Obama’s rhetoric about making the future great. A little rundown of his thoughts after the jump.

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