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LinkedIn Launches Attractive Stats Interface for LinkedIn Groups

Have you checked your LinkedIn Groups lately? If you are the moderator of any LinkedIn Groups you will notice today that the company has prettified your group pages with a very handy statistics interface.

Here’s the interface for Education Edge, the group that I manage for education entrepreneurs and directors of education management organizations.

A new attractive interface for tracking how people engage and work in your LinkedIn groups


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The Future of #Socialcommerce is Mobile

Union Square Ventures logo

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I went to my first class at General Assembly, which is really close to the Union Square Ventures offices north of Union Square.

The class was about community management metrics and how to measure them. There was a little bit in there about how to convince the higher-ups that your analytics adn your metrics are really results of your work. But there was an elephant in the room.

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The Beautiful Consumer at the Ball: Replay of Recent Fast Company Article

I wrote a story about the Re-Wired Group at Fast Company. Here is the replay for people interested in #sales and #socialbiz.

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Building a Brand for Under 100 Bucks

This is worth a read if your are looking for ways to use social media to build buzz and incorporate reader interests.

How to build a brand without burning through the last $100 in your wallet.

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