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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Winning “Something” in Education Reform

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Ben Riley at New Schools Venture Fund has a blog post up about the future of education reform. He’s tracking President Barack Obama’s rhetoric about making the future great. A little rundown of his thoughts after the jump.

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Summit 2011: What’s Next in Education Innovation?

This post about the next New Schools Venture Fund, to be held May 18 at the Aspen Institute, will tell you a little about the questions to be asked of education entrepreneurs.

How do we make innovation an everyday habit in education? How do we learn from success and failure in order to transform systems and ideas?  How do we innovate to serve the most underserved?

They’ve got a new video up about the summit, and how it’s changed in format from previous years. Check it out.  One thing that already sticks out, it looks like the sessions are going to be more one on one focused, with more opportunities to break away and be a part of dynamic small groups. That always works. With all the Twittering and stuff that goes on at the summit, there’s really no need to constantly be in the same room, at the trough, so to speak, of the big heavy presentations. You can chat constantly in many ways throughout.


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