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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Social Experiment Rounding Up

I interviewed a group of people about their careers, their education, and how social media has influenced some of their choices in those areas. The plan was to then have each of them answer a specific question about their careers for Daily Endeavor. Daily Endeavor is the place to go for the new wave in how jobs will be selected, and created, for those who pursue what they love in their careers.

Here are the interviews.

Heath Black, Social Strategist, Always Be Social

Al Meyers, Consultant

Mark Schneidermann, Director, SIIA

Ted Fujimoto, Founder, Right to Succeed

Jason Rosoff

Noeline Wright, Senior Research Officer, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Jared Huke, Advertising Creative

Brenda Christensen, Director of PR, Nimble

DeLeana Tonks, Director, Open High School of Utah

Ryan Busch, President, EduFire


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Noeline Wright: Senior Research Officer, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Your Reputation Creates the Way You Will Learn — A Social Media Project that Tests the Reputation Graph

Credit to Jon Bischke who has really been the vanguard in reputation graph thinking. This series is dedicated to him.

Here’s one of the first interviews we’ve received in a social media project to track what people think about education and their careers. Your reputation online will model your ability to learn and to teach others, as people turn increasingly to the online space for their information, social networking and education. So, let’s get to know the people who will teach each other.

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