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How Four Essential Changes in China’s Social Web Will Affect Global Business

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The following list of five areas of China’s social web, and the five areas where they have changed are my personal assessment of these technologies. I believe that areas of change in China’s Internet will have pretty big implications for how people in other parts of the world do business. To me, it doesn’t seem like much of a surprise, for instance, that advertising models may take cues from Sina’s weibo microblogging platform. If you compare weibo with Twitter, the weibo platform does things that Twitter would only dream of trying, in terms of advertising delivery, commerce, and marketing opportunities. I say “would only dream” of trying, but I should say, “should try.”

Keep reading for my list of five important developments and what I think they mean for worldwide advertising, marketing, social networking, and reputation graph use on the global web.

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We Are Content. We Are Curation. Open the Doors, See All the People.

Interest = Content

Note: Thank you to Sree Srinavasan for putting on Social Media Weekend at Columbia University, and for coming up with a great list for social media use and work.

If you at all depend on the Internet for news, social trends, or innovation ideas in business, projects or fun, it is likely that someone is thinking about it, too.

Now, on to the story. We are content. We are curation. Open the doors, see all the people!

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Adaptive Path Assists Twitter in Work Flow Design

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I don’t what much I can say about this revelation at Quora besides: I had no idea that Adaptive Path did this kind of work. Josh Elman describes in the Quora question, “What was the step that Twitter added to its new user flow that caused a >20% increase in conversion?”:

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