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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

“To Be Heard” To Be in Seattle June 11

A film that is part of a project I am working on in New York City is going to be shown at the Seattle Film Festival in June.  Be sure to check out the trailer for the film.

It will make you think differently about school reform.

To Be Heard: Trailer from Edwin Martinez on Vimeo.


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A Teach for America for the Inside

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from A kid stands in the Bronx

Wendy Kopp has done a remarkable thing with building Teach for America into an international enterprise. Graduating seniors, the bulk of whom come from Ivy League schools, give back to the world by serving as teachers in some of the poorest districts in Read the rest of this entry »

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Media Literacy is the New Diploma and What You Can Do About It

Here’s a broad wash of the brush: The future will be constructed by people who can demonstrate their ideas to a wide audience and find their peers for projects in that wide audience. The future is about building a community around an idea, and the best tools for that are online technology and media, and smartphones that allow many people to connect to each other’s content and personas.

media literacy social media revolutions learning curriculum digital

Getty Image: A teacher shows a student the future

We’ve seen the power of youth yielding social media tools. Look at the massive shifts in hierarchy and decisionmaking, and the overpowering of autocratic state leaders –what the Chinese call the Jasmine Revolution — occurring in North Africa and the Middle East. Read the rest of this entry »

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