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#Google+, Not #Facebook, Will Form the Basis of Education Networking

Facebook is not the future of social networks education, but Google+ might be.

As Ryan Bretag says, it is likely that Google+  will be the way things work in education networking.

First, Google+ allows you to manage your own identity while you choose your friends, which means it will help you choose the route you need to take to learn what you need to learn.

Second, Google+ will go some way to making the influencer hierarchy less top heavy, as more people are able to use the field trial and create their small circles of friends, family, and acquaintances.

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A 9.2% Unemployment Rate Means Big Things for LinkedIn

I’ve been unemployed for about six months, experiencing very satisfying short-term jobs with great clients who value the social media business proposition. It’s been a thrill.

Like a lot of people, I was dismayed to see the jobs report showing that we have only added 18,000 jobs last month. We have a 9.2% unemployment rate.

This apparently is good news for LinkedIn. Its share price has soared as people realize that networking, finding jobs, and gleaning as much inside information as possible from their social network is what will help them innovate and find a good job in this economy.

After the unemployment rate was announced, LinkedIn shares jumped 4%.

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Is Amazon Working on a Social Deals Phase in China?

I don’t have much information on this, but a friend sent an email around to his network based in Asia. In the email, he talks about Amazon hiring many, many people, and how they are hiring so much that on a weekly basis they are having onboarding seminars with new hires in rooms so packed, they have to split up the groups.

They are also apparently building a new structure / business that will require the help of technically minded people in China who have a gearing toward working with APIs at some of China’s biggest social networking sites.
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