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Updates: Community Manager @rewiredinc, Site Redesign

Hello from Douglas Crets, the guy who writes this blog.

Douglas Crets, blogger and Community Manager @Rewiredinc

I have been burning the candle at both ends recently with a slew of projects, some of which I cannot talk about until they are launched.

I can tell you that I have been doing a community manager gig at Re-Wired group, where I post daily blog posts about innovation and write content for the @rewiredinc Twitter feed. Please come by and say hello. You may also be interested in joining the discussion about Jobs to be done, the framework the Re-Wired Group made famous, which looks at how consumers choose products or services to perform jobs for them, in a process called “hiring.”  Join the Jobs to be done LinkedIn Group.

This site is going through a redesign. The skin is being coded and should go up in a week or so. I will have more bloggers on board and we will be delivering you daily news about social innovations, education entrepreneurs and startup culture in the social impact space. the blog will have more of a community feel to it. If you are interested in being a blogger and you have a passion for innovation, education, social entrepreneurs and all things digital, then feel free to leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter @douglascrets.

The other updates will have to wait, but I promise that they will be good.



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#140interviews: Lauren Vargas, Director of Community, Radian6

Lauren Vargas, Director of Community, Radian6 photo courtesy vargasl Twitter account

Starting a new series today. I interview people in 140 characters or less (a deeper interview comes later after we’ve had a chance to talk on the phone). During BlogWorld Expo in NYC, I talked to Radian6 Director of Community Lauren Vargas via Twitter after her participation in a panel called, “So You Want to Hire a Community Manager.”

The first tweet in this series is missing. I asked Vargas what told the story of the company online, the brand symbolism, or the conversation.

She responded:  @DouglasCrets the conversation should tell the story…that is priority. #140interviews

@vargasl Second question: What makes for a self-actualized network-influencing employee? #140interviews

@DouglasCrets Great question. Cultivating/participating (seamless) in the free flow of conversations across all channels. #140interviews

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Ryan Busch: President, EduFire

Your Reputation Creates the Way You Will Learn — A Social Media Project that Tests the Reputation Graph

Credit to Jon Bischke who has really been the vanguard in reputation graph thinking. This series is dedicated to him.

Here’s one of the first interviews we’ve received in a social media project to track what people think about education and their careers. We have based this project on the idea that your reputation online will model your ability to learn and to teach others, as people turn increasingly to the online space for their information, social networking and education.

Keep following us and spread this around by copying the link and putting it on your social pages and blogs. I am interviewing people as they come in. You can contact me through email and by leaving a comment on this blog.

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Adaptive Path Assists Twitter in Work Flow Design

Twitter logo initial

Image via Wikipedia

I don’t what much I can say about this revelation at Quora besides: I had no idea that Adaptive Path did this kind of work. Josh Elman describes in the Quora question, “What was the step that Twitter added to its new user flow that caused a >20% increase in conversion?”:

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