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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

The Future Schools

An interesting blog post up at Education Next today.

Jonathan Schorr and Deborah McGriff give a review of some of the great blended school models put in place across the country.

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The Future is Smaller Than We Realize, and Getting Bigger

Matthew Mahoney runs this pretty great site called Daily Endeavor. DV is attempting to explain every job on earth. Go to the site and read the “Learn More” tag. Basically, every decision to start a new career starts with a basic question; something like “what do you want to do with you life?” A job is a way of fulfilling a mission in your life. So, it better be a good decision. But often, we don’t have all the right information to make a great decision for a great career. Let’s be honest, we go with hunches. We remember what we learned in school, and then we base our decision on what the education system tells us about our skill set.

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