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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Columbia University Reviews To Be Heard

The film will be screened at the IFC Center’s DocuWeeks: Theatrical Showcase August 19-25, and at the Rooftop Films: Summer Screenings in Chelsea on August 13th and East Harlem on August 16th

Liz Hoelzle sat down to watch To Be Heard and wrote a review about it for the Arts & Humanities at Teacher’s College program at Columbia University.

Each of the teachers featured in To Be Heard display an extraordinary commitment to their students and seem to have a calling to impart a love of literacy. They continually impress upon their students the idea that controlling language is a route to freedom. Legiardi-Laura stresses this idea when he states, “If you don’t control language in this world, you go to jail. Whether it’s a physical jail or a mental jail doesn’t really matter.”

As “the tripod” continues to grow and flourish in their poetry, even experiencing the thrill of participating in a citywide teen poetry slam competition which one of them wins, it seems that everything will turn out just fine. But more challenges await them on the horizon, and their commitment to poetry and to one another is tested. The audience rejoices and cries along with the characters, and is ever inspired by their consistent reliance on poetry for survival.


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The Games Education People Play

It has become increasingly obvious from failing test scores in many subjects that the tried and true methods of teaching might need some revision of their own. The current K-12 generation has become accustomed to a world overflowing with technology, and it is possible that today’s average school child is not easily engaged by typical methods of learning.

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You Have Been Disconnected

I had to share this comment I left with Dan over at Cloud Avenue, because I am hoping it can provoke some comments between me and him, and between me and some of the daily readers of this blog. Here you go:

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Chris Sturgis, Metisnet: Defining Student-Centric Learning

Chris Sturgis, a consultant who runs Metisnet, writes a guest blog post today about student-centric learning and points out that education innovation enthusiasts have different definitions for it. We asked Chris to explain the fundamentals of student-centric learning before the iNACOL Competency-Based Learning Summit in Denver March 3-4.  We wanted to make sure we had a solid understanding of it before we headed into the fray. Here it goes:

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