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Giving Credibility to the Shadow Education System

Magical Thinking Did Not Work for Steve Jobs

By the time that Steve Jobs got around to treating the rare form of pancreatic cancer that had been eating away at him, nine months had passed, and the tissue around the pancreas had started to become affected by the aggressively moving cancer. Walter Isaacson tells 60 Minutes that Jobs waited so long because 1. he didn’t want his body to be cut open, and 2. he believed that magical thinking would end the cancer.


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Breanne Hull: CEO & Founder, Educlone

Educlone has not launched yet, but Breanne Hull is relentlessly working the phones and talking to teachers. She runs Educlone, which promises to be an online video sharing tool for teachers and their drive to share and create curriculum.

Here is an interview that I did with her a couple of weeks back. Travel and family obligations kept me from publishing this, but it’s worth a good read.  Her description of her company is very interesting, and it comes with some pointed comments about vendors and the role they play in a teacher’s professional life. It comes at the end, so read through.

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Y-Combinator of Education Receives 40 Applications in First Week

Hoping to build on a rise in tech investment and a shift in cultural attitudes about how education is delivered in this country, Geoff Ralston, co-founder of Y-Combinator education investment clone ImagineK12 says that his incubator has received 40 new applications for startup ventures since they opened shop.

Read more to see the notes from the interview:

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Ryan Busch: President, EduFire

Your Reputation Creates the Way You Will Learn — A Social Media Project that Tests the Reputation Graph

Credit to Jon Bischke who has really been the vanguard in reputation graph thinking. This series is dedicated to him.

Here’s one of the first interviews we’ve received in a social media project to track what people think about education and their careers. We have based this project on the idea that your reputation online will model your ability to learn and to teach others, as people turn increasingly to the online space for their information, social networking and education.

Keep following us and spread this around by copying the link and putting it on your social pages and blogs. I am interviewing people as they come in. You can contact me through email and by leaving a comment on this blog.

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